Jun 26 2013

Interview in
Ami Magazine

Nissi Unger at Ami Magazine interviewed me.

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Interview with Art Wolfe

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Jan 8 2011

Undercover in the Netherlands

Wildlife camouflage has been one of the most enduring subjects I have focused on in my career.  I really started shooting camouflage in the early nineties for a children’s book called Hiding Out for Crown Books and this work culminated in the 2005 book Vanishing Act.

Vanishing Act ended up being published internationally in several languages.  Images from the book have been the focus of untold magazine articles, including the latest, The Netherlands “Season” magazine. Click to view the PDF article.

Oct 4 2010

Vanish Act – Can You See the Spruce Grouse?

Spruce grouse, Denali National Park, Alaska, USA

And last week’s blackbear:

Black Bear by Art Wolfe

Sep 27 2010

Vanish Act – Can You See the Black Bear?

Black Bear by Art Wolfe

And last week’s gopher snake:

Gopher snake, Oregon by Art Wolfe