Sep 24 2013

Mashatu, Botswana

Mashatu, Botswana – Images by Art Wolfe

Mashatu has been an amazing and productive trip as I had hoped. We had some wonderful opportunities with elephants, lions, and especially leopards. Now off to MalaMala!

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Sep 18 2013

Upcoming Travel Opportunities!

•    Iceland: Northern Lights, October 23-29, 2013
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•    Miami Feb 8, 2014: Art of Composition seminar

•    Tampa Feb 9, 2014: Art of Composition seminar

•    Olympic Workshop May 2-4, 2014
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•    Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska, June 18-24, 2014

•    Denali National Park, Alaska, Aug 31-Sept 7, 2014

•    Antarctica with Luminous Landscape, Jan/Feb 2015
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Sep 6 2013

Ghost Towns & Quiver Trees

Karas Region, Namibia – Images by Art Wolfe

Ever since I first saw Freeman Patterson’s work ( in the mid 1990s, I have wanted to go shoot in Kolmanskop. It was well worth the drive to this out-of-the-way corner of the Namibian desert. Diamonds were discovered here in 1908 and the town soon became very rich, but the diamonds were soon exhausted, and Kolmanskop was deserted by the mid 1950s. Now, as the paint continues to peel and the sands shift, it is a tremendous place to work the light and shadows.

We then headed due east to photograph one of the few extant kokerboom “forests.” These aloe trees grow sparsely among the rugged boulder landscape. We stayed there well into the night to get long exposures of the Milky Way.

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Sep 3 2013


Okavango 9/2013 – Images by Art Wolfe

Wow! I hate being out of contact for so long! Connectivity has been a struggle and I was just able to upload a few photos from my recent shoot in the Duba Plains of the Okavango Delta. We were the only people to see a lion and buffalo take down in weeks, so I feel extremely fortunate. Over the course of ten days we also were able to photograph gorgeous leopards and magnificent herds of elephants. Perhaps, it isn’t so bad to be out of touch after all!

Now I head off to Namibia for the first of two tours with co-instructor Denis Glennon (

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