Aug 14 2012

Selling Nature Photography from Photoshelter

Art Wolfe is featured in the latest PhotoShelter newsletter:
“Selling Nature Photography.”
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Nov 16 2011

2012 Calendars!

For 2012 we are offering some gorgeous oversized calendars as well as traditional-sized wall and engagement calendars. Quantities are limited & remember to use the code AWBLOG for a 15% discount upon checkout:

Images by Art Wolfe

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Jun 28 2011

Caribou’s Greatest Threats

Today I have a photo in the New York Times illustrating the latest work by the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology in the oil sands area of Alberta, Canada. 

Read the article in the NYT:



It seems that, once again, humans and human activity, such as roads and environmental exploitation, are more of a threat to large ungulates than wolves.

The Conservation Canines of the Center for Conservation Biology are providing much needed data that gives a more accurate picture of what is happening to Caribou and Wolves.

Jan 22 2011

2011 Calendar Sale!

2011 Calendars 50% Off! – Images by Art Wolfe

We have marked down all our 2011 calendars Half-Off. We have very limited quantities left of the gorgeous European calendars; these are like buying a folio of twelve posters. We also have a couple of wonderful inspirational datebooks available as well.
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