Official Grand Opening of the Rotella Gallery in Soho

See prints from the HUMAN CANVAS now available at the Rotella Gallery.

5 Responses to “Official Grand Opening of the Rotella Gallery in Soho”

  • Denis Says:

    Sincere congratulations and best wishes for every success.
    Your amazing body of work in the Human Canvas deserves wide recognition.

  • Brian W. Downs Says:

    Saw some of these in the main gallery when we visited Seattle. Great collection.


  • Sandra Grace Says:

    My first viewing of some of these images at the Seattle gallery left me awestruck – and I still am, that and filled with admiration for your talents and accomplishments.

  • Carol Von Canon Says:

    I think “Human Canvas” is your greatest work to date, Art! Masterful art; each and every picture!!! I imagine you’ve wowed them in NYC. I can think of no other response to this body of work, corporately and individually, than WOW!

  • Art Wolfe Says:

    Thank you all for the kind words!

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