Thomas Knoll Interview

Thomas Knoll: The Story of Photoshop from The Luminous Landscape on Vimeo.

Interesting interview from my friends Thomas Knoll, Kevin Raber, and Michael Reichmann over at The Luminous Landscape.

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  • Deborah Kunzie Says:

    Great background from Thomas Knoll about a fantastic product. Its been a few years since I have used Photoshop, mainly because of the cost.

    What is more amazing is I remember when Thomas came into an Imaging shop in Ann Arbor, MI. Carl Volk was the vice president and master printer there at the time. Carl and his wife were very good friends of mine. In fact I lived with them for about 5 yrs. Carl took me under his wing and showed me the software and how it was going to open up a whole new world, especially to photographers. He mentored me with photography and the software after the business closed for the day. I wonder Thomas, if you still remember him? Sorry to say Carl died several years ago but his input and contribution to the testing of Adobe Photoshop was influential I would think to say the least.

    Very informative video and thank you for sharing it.


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