Feb 26 2013

On Location: Japan
Steller’s Sea Eagles and Whooper Swans

Japan: Steller’s Sea Eagles & Whooper Swans – Images by Art Wolfe

Hokkaido is glorious in the winter. The starkly beautiful landscapes are punctuated with active and athletic wildlife. I have been wanting to photograph the magnificent Steller’s sea eagle for years, even decades, and finally, finally was able to on this trip!

Feb 25 2013

On Location: Japan
Monkeys and Cranes

Japan: Monkeys & Cranes – Images by Art Wolfe

Feb 24 2013

Travels To The Edge:
Now Available as Downloads for our International Fans

Art Wolfe Travels to the Edge Downloads

For our international fans:
All 26 episodes of Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge are available for download from


>>VIDEO TASTE (Here is a snippet from the show on Japan.  This is where Art is right now as you read this.  He is leading a photo tour through the end of February.

Feb 22 2013

The Compelling Image Contest!

We are reposting this because the deadline approaches for this contest.


ShutterLove is now live on http://www.shutterloveonline.com.

ShutterLove, the new photography website from The Nielsen Photo Group, offers tips and inspiration for photography enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to advanced amateur. The site is a one-stop resource and community for people who want to create great photographs, and learn about photography and the different ways they can engage with it in their lives as viewers, creators and collectors.

ShutterLove connects readers with top photographers and photography experts, who share their work and offer tips and education in an accessible, engaging tone. The site gives our audience an opportunity to develop their understanding and appreciation of the medium, which they can then apply to their own photography.

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The Tips & Learning section of the site offers educational articles and videos that enable photographers of all levels to improve their photography. Whether they’re interested in creating better photographs of family and friends, or in capturing great images on their next vacation, ShutterLove will provide creative and technical instruction in an accessible tone.

Looking at great photography and understanding what makes it captivating helps photographers develop their own abilities. In New Photography, ShutterLove highlights the most interesting and inspiring photographs being made by photography professionals.

Great photographers need great tools to create their images, and ShutterLove’s Equipment section highlights the latest and best cameras and other equipment for photography enthusiasts.

On ShutterLove’s Share page users are encouraged to upload and create galleries of their own work, and to comment on the work of other readers.

A dynamic, customizable user experience.

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ShutterLove’s contributors are leading professional photographers and photography experts, who provide tips and education on a variety of specialties and topics, ranging from portraiture to nature photography to travel photography and fine art.

You can contact the editor at this address: editor@shutterloveonline.com

Look for thisAd on the side of our Blog. It will take you to the contest where you can enter your compelling photos and win prizes.