On Location:
Great Smoky Mountains

BLOG: Calm Before the Storm – Images by Art Wolfe

Last week I led a workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains. Fall color was spectacular as was the weather—and we all got out just in time before Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern Seaboard.

8 Responses to “On Location:
Great Smoky Mountains”

  • Carol Ann Morris Says:

    I love autumn with all it’s vivid colors, and cool crisp air…you captured the essence, Art, of a beautiful and wild area. I’m also enamored with the layered effect of mist, mountains, and sunset. I see this everytime I come home to the Olympic peninsula…looks like the workshop was a great success. So glad the storm missed you all; my heart goes out to everyone affected by it.

  • Markos Berndt Says:

    Nothing more beautiful than the Great Smoky Mountains in the fall. Beautiful images as well.

  • Wayne Nelson Says:

    Spectacular as always Art! As a former workshop teacher I can say that you have always set the bar high for the rest of us.

  • Madge Bloom Says:

    Lovely series of images… your photography inspires me in my own work! I’m thankful you were out of the area prior to Sandy, but am praying for and have made a donation to the Red Cross to help our fellow Americans suffering on the East coast…

  • Ash Varma Says:

    Beautiful images as always. Loved to have been there. Just wondering if you used your new 1Dx for these or your 5D?

  • Terry Dresses Says:

    Any conditions are great for shooting. Art Wolfe always delivers.

  • Art Wolfe Says:

    Ash Varma-
    These images were taken with my 5D MK lll. I also brought the 1DX, but the 5D is lighter.

  • Terry Barnes Says:

    I now live near the Smokies and forever see its beauty. My newly acquired 1Ds Mark ii , on your blog’s equip list , is giving great results! Can the Mark iii be that much better? The shutters on these 1D’s are amazing….wish I could have met you while in the Smokies. Keep up the fabulous work for all of us to aspire to…

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