Philip Hyde:
Messages from the Wilderness

Philip Hyde from Lumière on Vimeo.

Philip Hyde has shown what can be done via photography to shed light and awareness on our precious natural resources.
Celebrate his life and look for his show now on view at the Lumiere Gallery in Atlanta. Watch the video to get a glimpse of his message.

I regularly support conservation and environmental awareness issues through the medium of photography. We all need to get the word or image out to the public in order to influence change and/or preservation. This is the right kind of propaganda.

>>CLICK HERE to get more information about the show.

4 Responses to “Philip Hyde:
Messages from the Wilderness”

  • Geir Ole Says:

    Great story and great pictures of a great photographer :)

  • Wayne Nelson Says:

    It is great to see a true legend get his due, and have his message shared!!

  • David Leland Hyde Says:

    Thank you to Art, Libby and all of Art’s staff for posting this video. I am grateful for the exposure on behalf of Dad and his work and our ongoing efforts to spread his conservation message and commitment to make a difference with photography. Thank you also to all those who took the time to watch the video. Hopefully between this exposure to Dad and to the work of great photographers like Art Wolfe, each of you will be inspired to use your photographs to help fight for your own favorite natural place or other related cause.

  • Art Wolfe Says:

    Your Dad’s message is so important. I am grateful for the opportunity to expose more people to his work and his beautiful images. Have a great show!

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