Photo of the Month and FREE Print

Rural lansdcape, Washington

Starting today July 1, 2010, Art Wolfe will be giving away a FREE fine art print of the image featured in our new monthly blog posting entitled Photo of the Month to one lucky twitter follower. The key to being entered in the drawing is re-tweet this blog post and consecutive ones by adding the hashtag #Artwolfeprint to your tweet. On August 1st, we will highlight a brand new image and will announce the winner to this month’s print. The images are all 20 x 30 image single mat – signed and titled by Art himself. The winner must either pick-up print or pay for shipping…usually under $20 and we can only ship to United States addresses. So start re-tweeting today for your chance at a FREE fine art print from Art Wolfe Inc.

2 Responses to “Photo of the Month and FREE Print”

  • Lori Miller Says:

    I love your photos! I just listened to a radio show with Carol Freeman and she said Art Wolfe was someone she studied as a nature photographer.

    I’m a nature photographer who does it for a hobby. I have a Canon Powershot !0 mp.

    Is there a more professional camera you could recommend that wouldn’t be a fortune. I’d love to hear from you. Lori

  • Jay Goodrich Says:

    Hi Lori,

    I would look into a Canon Digital Rebel. Thanks for the question.

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