Aug 22 2009

Travels to the Edge Exhibit in Seattle

The Benham Gallery in Seattle will show a collection of prints from the first two years of Travels to the Edge, starting with a reception on September 3 and running through the end of November.


Aug 7 2009

Art’s Comments on
July Photo Submissions

The July photos showed a nice mix of culture, landscape and wildlife. As more and more people submit images, the overall quality is obviously rising – a real joy for me. Three photos that caught my eye this month:

(To see all photos submitted in July 2009 on Flickr, click here.)

Piedad by Francisco Madrid

Piedad by Francisco Madrid

The desaturated color gives this tightly composed image a powerful, timeless feel.

Fitzroy Wilderness by Ricardo La Piettra

Fitzroy Wilderness by Ricardo La Piettra

Exquisitely executed and thoughtfully composed, this image captures the raw wild beauty of this remote region.

Erte’ale Volcano by Richard Notebaart

Erta'Ale Volcano by Richard Notebaart

One of the few lava lakes on Earth, Erta’Ale is both extremely difficult to reach as well as difficult to photograph. Great job for a fine effort!