Jul 29 2009

Photoshop Tips and Tricks

My friend Scott Stulberg will teach a class on how to use Photoshop plugins, layer masks, and other retouching techniques to enhance your photographs, whether you wish to extract a more realistic effect or play with extreme effects. The class runs August 29-30, 2009.
Working on your own computer in class and a Wacom graphics tablet, you learn how to:

* Correct color casts
* Add beautiful blurs
* Selectively sharpen
* Dodge and burn
* Convert photos to rich black and whites
* Create painting effects
* Tone down noise
* Master layer masks
* Use blend modes
* Retouch Portraits – make the eyes pop, whiten teeth, soften wrinkles, smooth the skin and more.
The class will also focus on many of the best third-party filters available for Photoshop and cover creating useful actions to speed up your workflow. We will provide trial versions of the software.

Scott brings unmatched enthusiasm to his classes. He regularly teaches at the UCLA extension, leads photo trips for Julia Dean, and is represented by Getty and Corbis.
If you want a broad introduction to enhancing photographs in Photoshop, I recommend two day intensive class. It will be fun.

Check out Tips, Tricks, and Photoshop Magic in Learning on artwolfe.com for more information. And, to see the range of Scott’s photography, visit his website, www.asa100.com.

Jul 15 2009

Art Wolfe, the Sheraton, and Camera Confidence

We have partnered with the Sheraton in Seattle to hold short classes on digital camera basics throughout the summer. Thousands of tourists set to explore the area or board cruise ships stay at the Sheraton every week. We will hold the classes up to four days a week.

John Greengo, a member of the Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge crew, is conducting the classes dubbed Camera Confidence. John is a talented photographer in his own right as well as an engaging speaker. He will devote some time to unraveling the mysteries of individual cameras attendees bring to the class. The classes cost $69 for an hour and a half session, with discounts available for Sheraton guests.

To register for Camera Confidence, go to:


Jul 15 2009

A Luxury Cruise to South Georgia and Antarctica

Our trip to the Antarctic Peninsula with Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris in 2010 is just about full. Now, we have the opportunity to visit the Peninsula and South Georgia on the recently refurbished Clelia II this November. We couldn’t say no. We love the Van Os trips because they land on less-traveled beaches and Joe always allots maximum time for photographers on land. The voyage on the Clelia is designed with unheard-of comfort in mind, complete with piano bar, dvd player in each suite (every room is a suite), and beds in place of bunks.
As I have often said, South Georgia is my favorite place in world. Mountains two miles high bracket tidal glaciers calving into the South Atlantic. Nesting king penguins blanket beaches patrolled by albatrosses and skuas. Comical macaroni penguins shake off seawater on isolated rocks, and giant Elephant seals belch and quarrel.


South Georgia is where Shackleton made his daring mountain crossing to safety after a year and a half fighting for survival after ice crushed this ship, the Endurance. The more hardy among us may retrace his steps on a multi day crossing with legendary guides Peter Hillary and Dave Hahn, the first Westerner to climb Everest ten times. (There is an additional cost for the traverse). I intend to think about them bivouacking on the glacier as I sip a gin and tonic after a hard day of shooting.


After South Georgia we will cruise past the rugged South Orkney Islands through the wreckage of disintegrating ice shelves. The abundance of icebergs is stunning. We will explore the islands and passages along the west coast of the Peninsula, culminating in the Lemaire Channel, one of the most scenic in the world.

The trip runs from November 21 to December 13, US to US. Prices range from $15,995 to $25,995 for the penthouse suite.

If you want to join us, or just need more information, contact us at info@artwolfe.com or call 206-332-0993.

Jul 14 2009

WILD, Our Virtual Stock Agency

I want to let you know what I’m up to vis a vis stock.

David Doubilet, and Thomas Mangelsen, and I have banded together to create a Virtual Agency on Photoshelter called WILD (www.wildphotography.com). A Virtual Agency is a search pool where art buyers simultaneously search the collections of all the photographers. When an image is selected for licensing, the screen moves to the photographer’s individual Photoshelter (http://pa.photoshelter.com/) site to complete the order.

I had been looking for an alternative to the big agencies. They took so few images that some of my best work languished, which kept it off the market and didn’t serve my goals at all while limited the buyers’ options. I haven’t sent a still to Getty for five years. When I heard about the virtual agency idea, I thought it had potential.

A Virtual Agency allows photographers to show a wider range of their work than a traditional agency affords. With our lower overheads, we can market the images for less while still making higher income since we keep 90% of the licensing fee instead of only 40 or even 30%. I asked three photographers to join me so we could assemble the best work of the best photographers in one place. David and Thomas said yes.

I wrote an article that’s appearing in the new Outdoor Photographer explaining our thinking. Check out:


I know the article reads like an attack on the big agencies, but I always enjoyed working with the people there. They are smart and motivated. I’m sure they do a good job with their wholly-owned material where they can capture 100% of the revenue, but in my opinion the model is broken for independent photographers, and I am moving on.