Jun 15 2009

Art’s Comments on
May Photo Submissions

The photos submitted during May were fantastic! Thanks to everyone for their time and interest. It is really inspiring to see how people capture locations I’ve been to many times in a completely different way, all conveying their own interpretation of what the location means to them. This month two photos in particular caught my eye:

(To see all photos submitted in May 2009 on Flickr, click here.)

Mono Lake Tufa at Sunset by Craig Stocks

Mono Lake Tufa at Sunset by Craig Stocks

Although the tufa are a popular subject, this image nails the mystery and the drama of this unique landscape, evoking a sense of solitude and the wild. I love the surreal light and layering of foreground, middle, and background. The only thing I would suggest is to remove the sticks in the foreground that distract from the unique shapes of the rocks.

Rivals No More by Stephen Bennett

Rivals No More by Stephen Bennett

This image is a perfect example of Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment. We grasp the story at a glance: survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten, the struggle for life. At the same time there is some tension because we don’t know how the story ends. It’s well-composed and sharp. The foliage bordering the image adds a sense of place without distracting from the main subject.

Jun 8 2009

The Wandering Photographer One Day Class

I’m giving a one-day seminar in Seattle on how I travel the world photographing for books and exhibits while filming the Travels to the Edge public television series. Members of the Travels to Edge crew will discuss equipment usage and transport while I will show how I employ the insights of modern painting when composing photographs.
Space is limited to 180 participants. There will a drawing at the end of the day for a Lowepro bag!
Topics will include:
• Composition: changing how you see
• Finding the image
• What’s in Art’s Bag
• Lunch Break – On your own
• Tips: Light, Depth, Movement
• Working with people
• Transport and workflow
• It’s the photograph, not the subject
For more info please contact us directly at info@artwolfe.com or check on Learning on www.artwolfe.com. Class fee in $195.

Jun 8 2009

A Little Bug

I’ve eaten street food in India and Africa, sampled meat of unknown provenance in Mongolia, and dined on unpronounceable meals in the jungles of South America without getting really sick, but a quick dinner of Chinese food at Philadelphia International Airport cut me down. My crew and I were enroute to the Travels to the Edge Field Seminar in Bay Harbor, Maine. I started feeling poorly in our Bangor Hotel. After a brutal night spent trying to decide whether to sit on the toilet or hold on with both hands, I was transported to an ER where the doctors filled me with fluids and antibiotics. I had to skip an evening presentation, a first, but felt well enough to proceed by the time the Seminar began. Glad that’s over. Such is the glamour of life on the road.

Jun 1 2009

Join Me on an Eleven-day Journey to Antarctica

Art in Antarctica
Join me on an eleven-day journey to Antarctica on November 22 through December 2, 2010.


We will explore the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands Islands. Our itinerary provides abundant time to photograph the birds and mammals of the region including Adelie, Gentoo, and Chinstrap penguins, Crab-eater and Leopard Seals and Wandering Albatrosses.

Ours is a different kind of trip. Participants won’t need to leave the shore for meals. Casual outdoor clothing will be the order of the day, and we will not dress up for dinner.

We have chartered an entire ship for our clients only. During our voyage, we will be visiting the best wildlife habitats at each destination, landing as often as possible and maximizing time on shore. We devote more time on shore at choice locations instead of squandering time with multiple landings every day.

To register or for more information, call my office at 206.332.0993. For a downloadable brochure in pdf form, click here.